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Lanzarote è la più orientale delle Isole Canarie. Si trova a soli 75 miglia dalla costa dell’Africa nel punto più vicino, il che significa che riceve gli stessi affidabili venti e maree atlantiche dell’oceano che arrivano dal Marocco. L’isola di Fuerteventura è il vicino più prossimo (a parte la piccola isola di La Graciosa) – puoi persino prendere un traghetto da Playa Blanca nel sud. Surf a Lanzarote:

Una guida completa ai spot a Lanzarote potrebbe essere la destinazione più adatta per il surf tra le Isole Canarie. L’isola offre spiagge, reef, point break e ondate per tutti i gusti. Tuttavia, tutto questo è distribuito in tutto l’isola, quindi è importante sapere dove andare per trovare le onde che desideri di più

Beginner-Intermediate surfer

Caleta de Famara is the town that sits at the end of long Playa de Famara. It’s the longest beach on the island, coming in at nearly three whole miles. It also gets swell from both the north and the west, so it’s perhaps the most reliable spot going in Lanzarote.
But don’t go thinking that Caleta de Famara is only for beginners. It’s definitely not. There can be some very punchy swells here, particularly if you make for the middle of the beach where things are stronger. The wave is a peaky beach break that suffers a lot from cross shore wind. But when the trades die down, you can get long rides that go both and left. Works on both low and high tide.

Intermediate surfer

Like Famara, Playa de Orzola is a beginner-friendly beach break. It sits on the northern end of the island, but is a tad more exposed than its compadre.
Jameos del Agua
Jameos del Agua might be better known for its caves and cactus plantations than its surf, but the waves here are probably the best on the east coast. Pretty exposed and breaking over a relatively deep reef, the wave is a point break in essence. When the stars align it’s a lovely left-hander that can actually be a long ride of over 100 metres or more. Be wary of localism.

Beginner-Intermediate surfer

La Santa is the break that’s really put Lanzarote surf on the map. Put simply, this is not a break for beginners or even intermediates. When it works, it’s unforgiving. It rolls straight over a shallow volcanic reef, creating one of the best barrels in the hemisphere. Offshore winds help matters, but you’ll need to prep for one of the fastest rides of your life if you’re brave enough to paddle out.

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